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Allied Integration


Specialty Alloy

Alloy Interchangeability Solutions.

Our Alloy Interchangeability Solutions ( AIS) utilizes a Tantaline diffusion process creating a solution that allows for corrosion resistance, metallurgical compatibility and good lead times. Request our White Paper.


We specialize in high quality valves and fittings for gas chromatography applications. Our product line includes gas chromatographic valves, analytical diaphragm valves, and GC fittings and accessories. If sample purity is important to you, then KVI is the right choice.  Click here for more details.


Tylok compression fittings and valves have been proudly manufactured in the USA for over 50 years. Tylok double ferrule fittings are fully interchangeable with the industry standard and have Canadian CRN registration.The founder of Tylok, Mr. Cullen Crawford, developed and patented the original compression tube fitting over 60 years ago. Tylok provides the quality and security that industry needs.  Click here for more details.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are available in a variety of pressures and styles. Try our new tube stub pressure gauges for easy orientation and to reduce the number of connections and avoid excess leak paths. High Purity Face Seal pressure gauges are now in stock.

High Purity

Semiconductor and PV applications require a high level of polish, in additionto a tight secure, reliable seal.  We have a full range of products and pre-engineered solutions to fit your Ultra High Purity Application.  We are the exclusive manufacturers reps for Best in Class high purity products.

High Purity Face Seal Fittings - Picture
Face Seal Fittings

KVI stocks a wide variety of Face Seal High Purity Fittings in both single melt and double melt. Hastelloy C is also available as an option. Diaphragm valves as well as filters and regulators are also available. 




At KVI we are solutions-based manufacturer's representatives that work directly with the engineering and procurement divisions of Tier-One OEMs, End-Users, and Distributors. Our main focus is to liason between our world class factory products and our clients to provide and ensure the correct quality product is integrated into the appropriate application - and the success of these efforts are a direct result of a collaborative effort between our clients and our specialists.
For more information on how KVI can assist your company, continue through our website sections, or contact us for more information.


We recognize that the progress and evolution of our client's final product or application cannot be limited by the constraints of standard "off-the-shelf" components. To truly assist clients we strive to continually develop tailor-made solutions and products through an ongoing dialogue and product redevelopment cycle. This includes: Custom Product Design; Strategic Procurement Partnerships; and Custom Packaging.


We specialize in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality products and system components for customer-specific applications. In addition to an emphasis on constant new product innovation we provide some of the more common products known in the industry today. These include products specifically tailored for instrumentation, CRA, sanitary, and ultra high purity applications applications.
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